Clongriffin Town

Clongriffin Town was a new urban development in the North Dublin Fringe District. The mixed-use development included new infrastructure along with a rail station, on a green field site of approximately 50 hectares. The overall scheme of approximately 525,000m2 comprised:

  • Retail 40,000m2
  • Residential (3,400 Units) 360,000m2
  • Offices/Commercial 90,000m2
  • Enterprise/Business Units 8,000m2
  • Civic Buildings 5,000m2
  • Leisure/Swimming Pool 10,000m2
  • Other Buildings 12,000m2

The masterplan included for large public spaces, boulevards, a lake and a new town centre.


Client: Gannon Homes Ltd

Services: Masterplan Cost Management

Scale: Approx. 525,000m2

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