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Risk Evaluation

Recent developments in The Department of Environment Heritage & Local Government mean that any construction projects which have a contractor’s claim must now be evaluated under ‘Risk Evaluation’ criteria. The Risk Evaluation is to be carried out before any negotiation or settlement is reached with the contractor. In a way it is a type of audit to see how complex or financially significant the issue is before becoming engaged in the process of settlement. It is quite important to understand which type of settlement process is most appropriate for the problem under scrutiny.

Mulcahy McDonagh & Partners Ltd. (MMP) have people who are experienced and qualified to undertake project risk management evaluation reports on any kind of construction projects. MMP provide a range of project risk management and risk assessment for the construction industry. Any evaluation would be headed up by a senior person in MMP with an appropriate team of construction professionals.

Types of projects which MMP have recent dispute resolution experience of include:

MMP can undertake:

  • Risk Evaluations
  • Planning a strategy for defending/refuting a claim
  • Preparation of a claim
  • Conciliation/Mediation/Adjudication/Arbitration appointments

MMP has a number of years involvement in this area.
Gerry O’Sullivan who is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Barrister-at-Law has for the past 16 years worked as arbitrator, conciliator and mediator. He has extensive involvement in the New Government Contract training modules, procurement training and dispute resolution.