MMP Quantity Surveyors

Construction Dispute Resolution

Managing the dispute process, preparing to go to conciliation/arbitration requires expertise in building and construction dispute resolution . In conciliation, arbitration and litigation there is a requirement for the use of expert witnesses. Dispute Management is now core business within MMP skill base. MMP have skilled personnel who act as expert witness in these situations. Examples of situations are:


  • Expert Witness
    • Damages Claims and Assessment
    • Insurance Claims
    • PI Insurance Claims
    • Court / Arbitration Experts
  • Pre-Dispute Advice/Dispute Advice
  • Dispute Risk Assessment, preparation and presentation
  • Conciliation/Mediation
    • Civil and Building Works, Public Works Disputes
    • Gerry O’Sullivan has 20 years experience as construction mediator/conciliator
    • SCSI Panel of Conciliators/Mediators – MMP Senior Management Personnel are on the current panel – Gerry O’Sullivan, Corry O’Sullivan, Kevin Porter
    • Advisors to Parties involved in Conciliation/Mediation
  • Arbitration
    • Gerry O’Sullivan Civil and Building Works Dispute Experience
    • Advisors to Parties involved in Arbitration
  • Adjudication
    • Construction Contracts Bill 2011
    • Gerry O’Sullivan on CIF Panel
  • Health & Safety