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Quantity Surveyor software BUILDSOFT Cubit ideal for BIM

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Recently we wrote about the growing use of BIM by construction industry professionals, like the quantity surveyor, architect or project manager and the implications for the market of adapting BIM processes.

MMP has been leading the way in this regard and we already have a number of years’ experience in working through BIM systems to successfully deliver work for clients, when acting as a

Our software of choice to handle bim work is the leading industry platform, BUILDSOFT Cubit. Having worked with this system on many projects now, we are convinced that the software, combined with our own expertise, simply helps to build better buildings. The design can be thoroughly assessed at a very early stage and the time put into this planning process can save significant cost and time later on.

Here we outline just two of the many benefits of working with this system; there are considerable advantages both for ourselves and for the clients we work with.

Comprehensive, Integrated Solution

One of the main benefits of using BUILDSOFT Cubit is that it is a complete, integrated package. It supports DWF files and it’s not restricted to working in 3D alone as it offers 2D models with 3D / BIM (think of it as 5D!) and can integrate these directly with rate libraries and workbooks. This makes for a seamless service when working through modelling and estimates and it helps a lot that importing and exporting files is so easy to execute. We find the revision tool particularly useful too; as soon as a change is made, the quantities are automatically amended which not only helps with accurate estimates, but it enables us to identify cost impacts easily and immediately.

BUILDSOFT Cubit has great project tracking facilities too as the clarity of the visuals make it easy to track progress and schedule work.

 Effective Collaboration

Of course collaboration is the buzz word in the construction industry at present and this is one of the key benefits delivered by BIM. BUILDSOFT Cubit is designed to facilitate easy collaboration. The network capabilities enable a number of different users to access the files and work together on projects. So all the stakeholders can help to optimise the project as it progresses through design, build, ownership and occupation. This facility to collaborate can be continued to help manage the facility through its entire lifecycle. And of course when collaboration, bim and lean processes are combined; the ultimate outcome is hugely beneficial for the client.

The nature of construction work makes effective collaboration a key contributor to the ultimate outcome and BUILDSOFT Cubit delivers in this respect.

MMP and effective BIM

MMP has been managing projects successfully using BIM and the BUILDSOFT Cubit platform for a number of years and we believe we are leading the way in Ireland in this respect. As a hugely experienced quantity surveyor, we have seen the benefits of effective BIM and we know it delivers significant cost efficiencies for customers. If you choose to work with us – your project will be in safe hands.

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