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Project management for construction is a must

Project management for construction is a very involved and iterative process. As well as all the extensive planning, project auditing, data gathering and resourcing that goes into managing a construction project, there are also ongoing tasks and responsibilities that PMs have to manage, including trouble shooting issues as they arise, and adapting resources and schedules to suit the evolving needs of the project.

Some construction bosses feel they can manage their own project without relying on a Project Manager. They think working ‘on the hop’ and dealing with things like money issues, deadlines and whatever else crops up on a day to day basis is an acceptable way to manage their construction project.

This management method is a sure path to project distress. By implementing some forward planning and carefully assessing the development of each stage of the project, you can be more confident that your construction project will be a success and will come in on time, on budget and within the project definitions created at the outset.

Benefits of PM for construction projects include:

  • Creating a single point for project responsibility
  • The creation of defined roles
  • Motivating and managing design team
  • Monitoring of master schedule
  • Regular reporting
  • Ensuring the project is completed on time and on budget
  • Creating maximum cost certainty
  • Ensuring the project is handled with quality processes at all times

If you are running a construction project of any size, you’ll have enough demands and responsibilities to deal with without worrying about project management.

Project management for construction from MMP

MMP provides PM services for Irish construction industries. MMP has been providing project management since 1999 and has a proven track record of completing projects for clients on time and on budget. They tailor their approach to suit their clients’ objectives; incorporating budget, time frames and functional requirements into their project planning.

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