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MMP Keeping Workers Safe and Projects in line with Regulations

In 1997 MMP established a separate Health and Safety services division. To this end MMP bring together teams of Health and Safety Consultants with the highest degrees of competence and understanding of all current health and safety regulations and standards.

The core of these services is formed through ensuring the welfare and safety of all workers, staff and members of the public in and around the area of a construction site. It requires personnel to apply meticulous attention to detail and an exhaustive knowledge of not only legislation but the most effective standards of practice in implementing health and safety procedures on a construction site.

At MMP we carry out Health and Safety services for a wide variety of construction types. Projects MMP have worked on previously include extensions to hospitals, hotel expansions, shopping centre redevelopments and additions to schools. As well as providing health and safety services for these large and complex projects MMP can also provide health and safety oversight for smaller domestic works which are required to adhere to construction regulations.

Ongoing professional development is particularly important for the specialists that provide these services as the legislation on construction is revised regularly to meet changing standards and requirements in the industry. Knowledge of the recent updates to the safety health and welfare at work (construction) regulations act of 2006 and are one example.
These changes make several new stipulations including:

– The requirement that the client appoints the project supervisor design process (PSDP) and project supervisor for constructions stage (PSCS) in writing and obtain written confirmation of those appointments.

– The PSDP must state in the Health and Safety Plan the basis upon which the time for completing the project was established.

Safety Health and Welfare at Work (construction) regulation deems a client to be any party who carries out an extension to a dwelling for the purposes of trade or business or who undertakes a project is wholly undertaken for the purposes of trade or business as in an office complex.

Under these regulations the client has a number of duties they must carry out. In addition to the changes outlined above some of the duties include ensuring each designer and contractor appointed to the project has adequate training, knowledge, experience and resources for the work they are to perform as well as providing a copy of the health and safety plan prepared by the PSDP to every person that tenders for the project.

One of the primary safety and health roles that MMP may fill is that of the PSDP. The Project Supervisor Design Process is the key element in overseeing the Health and Safety requirements of legislation are carried out by all parties involved.

The PSDP is required to:

– Identify any hazards that may arise from the design of the project or from organisational, technical aspects of the project.

– Do their utmost to eliminate hazards and reduce risks involved in the project.

– Prepare a written health and safety plan for any project that requires more than 500 person days or 30 working days or where there is a specific risk. This plan must be delivered to the client prior to tender.

– Upon completion of the project a safety file for the structure must be prepared and delivered to the client.

– Where any non-compliance with written directions that have been issued may occur it is the duty of the PSDP to report this to the Health and Safety Authority.

In addition to these duties, a key role of the PDSP is organising cooperation and coordination between the involved parties on issues of health and safety and ensuring any breakdown in communication is remedied. In particular, coordination between designers must be facilitated to ensure health and safety matters are addressed from the very earliest stages of a project.

This creates a strong foundation for health and safety measures being implemented effectively and comprehensive across the whole project for the entirety of its duration.
MMP brings together a team of the most qualified and competent Health and Safety Consultants to ensure that all of these requirements are met. MMP takes particular care to carry out all of these requirements in as efficient a manner as possible. Projects are completed on schedule without compromising the safety and welfare of workers, personnel and the public.