MMP Quantity Surveyors

MMP brings a wide range of skills and experience to construction project management

Construction Project Management on Multimedia & Music Centre, Temple Bar

In a difficult economy one of the keys to continuing success is careful monitoring of budgets.

Being able to effectively operate under constricted margins gives businesses a significant advantage in times of short credit supply. The construction industry is no different from any other industry in this regard. Construction project management firms can provide developers and construction companies with expert project management services that can ensure projects are finalised on time and within their budget.

In the past five years Mulcahy, McDonagh and Partners firm of quantity surveyors has overseen the successful completion of more than 400 separate projects. In over six decades of experience MMP have worked with organizations from many different sectors including government entities, local authorities, leading engineering and architectural firms as well as developers and financial institutions.

Through the current economic environment as well as previous fluctuations, MMP has gone from strength to strength through rigorous dedication to a high quality of services and by diversifying the services it provides. This broad experience has allowed MMP to develop a comprehensive understanding of the factors that affect construction project management. With such a broad overview of factors affecting the construction industry MMP can apply its understanding of the wider sector to any specific service it provides.

Not content to rest merely on the benefit of their experience, MMP take measures to ensure that every technological advantage can be used to provide comprehensive construction project management services. Application of BIM (Building Information Modelling) allows surveyors to construct a virtual model of not only the finalised structure but also the construction process itself. Data pertaining to the cost of materials, labour, transport and a range of other factors can be fed into the model to give a more complete overview of the construction project, its cost and how best to manage each phase of the project to create the most value overall. Importing geographic and other data, the model can also predict certain stumbling blocks that might occur at various points in the project which can then be prepared for.

MMP’s construction project management services incorporate a comprehensive range of roles and responsibilities that allows for single point responsibility which provides clients with clarity and assurance.