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Managing mechanical and electrical costs requires effective application of knowledge and expertise

Accurate projections of the cost of construction projects are at the core of successfully completing those projects. Accounting for the expense of a range of different aspects and identifying how their interactions will affect the budget requires an enormous level of attention to detail. Two particular elements of construction projects that typically call for an especially high degree of scrutiny are the mechanical and electrical aspects of a project.

Within most medium and large scale construction projects there are likely to be any number of mechanical and electrical costs components to a build. Lifts and escalators as well as power and networking cables all have to be carefully incorporated into the design of a building. Managing the installation of these elements is also challenging. Unlike other building materials these cannot be left onsite and so must be delivered at the time of installation. The complexity of these electrical and mechanical items means that the order they are installed in is important. A delay in the completion of electrical infrastructure might prevent elevators from being installed on time. These components also typically require the services of specially trained technicians.

Mechanical and electrical costs management is a vitally important aspect of cost management. In addition to the greater expense that can arise from scheduling conflicts in this area, even at a basic level the raw materials used are prone to greater fluctuations than other building materials. Compared to materials such as concrete which can typically be manufactured and sourced locally, materials such as copper often have to be shipped from abroad. This creates numerous factors that can lead to shortages and price increases. Accounting for these variables requires extensive knowledge and experience of construction cost management.

Future-proofing can be a significant factor for electrical and mechanical elements of a construction project. Determining what the requirements of possible future tenants may be and accommodating those needs while managing costs calls for a comprehensive evaluation of the factors involved. Standards in electronics and networking can change far more rapidly than standards in building construction.

With a dedicated mechanical and electrical costs management service MMP quantity surveyors can provide developers with comprehensive and expert M&E guidance.