MMP Quantity Surveyors

Making Commercial fit outs more effective with costing services

Every business benefits from some degree of modernisation, whether that be as simple as fitting new furniture to brighten up a workspace or an extensive structural renovation to completely reconfigure an office. A Commercial fit out can result in significant improvements in productivity, it can make workspaces more efficient to operate in and they can instil confidence in clients. Other benefits can include increasing employee satisfaction and making a company more attractive to highly skilled workers. But in order to maximise the benefits of a fit out, managing costs is critical.

There are a substantial number of factors that can affect the cost not only of the Commercial fit out itself but also potential costs that could result from impediments to the business. If staff need to be moved to temporary premises during a renovation such a move, additional rent and general disturbance to the business can have costs that can be difficult to predict. Even if refurbishment can be carried out while work continues it is still likely to impact productivity for its duration.

The project itself can be difficult to determine the cost of in advance. Factors such as service access, the age of a building, planning permission and materials cost mean that two seemingly similar projects can have vastly different costs. This means that determining the cost of a project in advance requires expertise and experience in the supervision and management of fit outs, the kind of expertise and experience possessed by quantity surveyors.

A quantity surveyor has the knowledge and understanding required to determine just how much each aspect of a refurbishment project is likely to cost, how long it will take and what effect it will have on a business. They can also predict aspects of a project that are likely to cause problems through running over budget, creating conflicts or any number of other causes.

With more than 60 years of experience providing quantity survey services to many different sectors and 15 years of direct experience consulting on Commercial fit out costs MMP quantity surveyors can provide exacting details on the costs and benefits of a refurbishment project. Their services can ensure that projects are not undervalued and that companies can make the most efficient use of their investment.