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Maintain savings across the scope of a project with m & e cost management

Beyond the design and development of the architectural structure of a construction project there is an entire sub structure of mechanical and electrical components that need to be installed and accounted for. Comprehensive m & e cost managment ensures that savings and cost efficiencies made in the construction phase aren’t lost in the mechanical and electrical fitting phase.

The variables involved in mechanical and electrical cost management are considerable when compared to construction. The factors that affect changes in construction cost and technique are not as fluid as those affecting electrical and mechanical equipment. For instance, the cost of the copper used to make electrical wiring can, due to global marketplace demands, fluctuate significantly as compared to concrete which is effected more by local and immediate factors.

Construction methods and techniques also tend not to change as much or as frequently as those of electrical and mechanical fixtures. New, more efficient lift designs, for example are likely to come about more frequently than new methods of pouring concrete foundations. This can make the process of m & e cost management particularly difficult, requiring expert, experienced surveyors to ensure budgets are capable of being met.

The nature of the construction project also needs to be taken into account. If the tenants are a technology firm then appropriate networking and power supplies need to be taken into consideration. Companies that store critical data on servers may require halon extinguishing systems in key areas rather than sprinkler systems. The project may also want to take account of potential future uses of the building. Even where the initial tenant may not be expected to require particular mechanical or electrical installations it may be pertinent to incorporate a certain degree of future proofing at the design phase.

Further factors that may need to be considered include legislation regarding energy consumption and energy efficiency. Expectations of future energy prices may also mean that energy efficiencies incorporated at the construction phase increase the value of the property. The added initial expense of energy efficient fittings makes determining the cost benefit a difficult task.

Mulcahy McDonagh and Partners have a dedicated mechanical and electrical cost management service that can provide guidance and advice on a range of electrical and mechanical factors.