MMP Quantity Surveyors

Health & Safety: The Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013

New Client Duties

  • Appoint in writing and obtain written confirmation of acceptance from appointee for project supervisor for design process (PSDP) and project supervisor for construction stage (PSCS)
  • Appoint PSDP on or before start of design process
  • Ascertain suitability of project supervisors, designers and contractors – i.e. Have adequate resources (or allocate same) and be competent
  • Provide or arrange for provision of Safety and Health Plan to every person being considered for role of PSCS or tendering for the role
  • Issue notice to Health and Safety Authority of appointment of PSDP.

New Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) Duties

  • Must state in Safety and Health plan the basis upon which the time for completing the project was established
  • Must state in Safety and Health plan the conclusions drawn by designers and the PSDP
  • Must state in Safety and Health plan the location of services for the site to facilitate welfare facilities
  • Prepare and deliver the safety file to the client upon completion of the development.