MMP Quantity Surveyors

Expert quantity surveying services from MMP

The current status of the economic environment means that financial concerns weigh heavily on all sectors but none more so than in the construction industry. Ensuring budget projections for construction projects are accurate is vitally important. In this regard having quantity surveying carried out by an expert quantity surveyor firm with much experience and a proven track record makes all the difference.

Mulcahy McDonagh and Partners quantity surveying firm offer a broad range of specialist services for clients in the construction industry. Some of the services provided include construction contract procurement, cost consultancy and property development. With a wide range of experience and expertise in diverse aspects of the construction industry MMP have been able to develop a greater knowledge of the factors involved in even very unique projects. This results in more accurate quantity surveying which means projects are more likely to arrive at completion in time and on budget.

Providing MMP with even greater accuracy in budget and schedule projections is their adoption of advanced software technologies. Building Information Modelling can provide comprehensive, detailed information about materials and costs of a project before it has begun. An accurate 3D model created in the software calculates what materials are involved and can apply costs to those materials. Relevant documentation can therefore be compiled in much shorter spans of time. The resulting savings from this can then be passed onto clients. This technology can also incorporate geographical data and any potential disruptions that may occur well in advance. This combination of MMP’s professional expertise and experience with technological capability provides clients with quality of service and high levels of confidence.

In the more than 60 years of its existence MMP has worked on numerous projects in a wide range of industries for a diverse client base. Clients include government bodies, local councils, educational institutions, healthcare organisations, residential and commercial developers, hotel and other hospitality groups. In the last five years alone MMP has seen through over 400 projects to completion, all on time and in budget.

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