MMP Quantity Surveyors

Enhancing quantity surveyor services with BIM technology

In estimating the cost of construction projects experience and knowledge are invaluable assets. Forecasting problems and devising solutions promptly minimises the effect of unexpected occurrences on a project. When quantity surveyors can integrate their skill and experience with comprehensive technology the service they are capable of providing becomes second to none.

MMP quantity surveyors have provided project costing consultation to every sector of the construction industry for more than 60 years. Over that time their services have expanded broadly into many construction management disciplines. The wealth of experience and skill that has been accumulated over this time and through the provision of different services is now complemented with dynamic Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology.

Recognising the potential this software has to revolutionise the job of the quantity surveyor MMP have adopted BIM technology and integrated it into their business process. The system generates comprehensive building data and uses that data to create a management system for the course of the project. By generating a 3D model of not just the building but the construction process itself the program can provide information on potential conflicts in design as well as conflicts in scheduling before they can develop into on-site problems.

Material and other cost data can be fed into the program and altered accordingly as requirements change. This allows for detailed documentation to be drawn up automatically leading to savings in time and budgets in compiling paperwork. It also provides greater accuracy of documentation and an easier process of tracing the source of errors.

By consolidating information from so many different aspects of a project BIM software has the potential to facilitate and enhance collaboration between the various disciplines and professions involved in a typical construction project. The result is more efficient and cost effective completion of projects that produce safer and more environmentally sustainable buildings with fewer inaccuracies and less waste.

In MMP’s work to integrate technology such as BIM software into their services they put an emphasis on continuous training and education in the technology. Currently MMP is a member of the Construction IT Alliance and regularly participate in workshops covering advancements in BIM and other technology.