MMP Quantity Surveyors

Camara Chapelizod

MMP takes its corporate and social responsibility (CSR) very seriously. We believe in supporting our local communities.

MMP have been donating old PCs and ICT equipment to Camara over the past 12 months. We chose this charity because Camara is about educating people and MMP has a long track record in education projects in Ireland

Camara operates as a social enterprise and operates in two distinct business lines: ‘Electronic Waste Reuse’ and ‘Education Delivery’. The connection between these two, seemingly disparate business units is TECHNOLOGY

Their website is

For every PC donated to Camara 24 people become educated in the use of ICT through Camara’s educationalists. To date MMP has donated approx. 30 PCs. It is nice to know that over 700 people will become more educated through MMPs recycling for use measures.