MMP Quantity Surveyors

Belcamp Health & Reseach Centre of Excellence

Cost Advisers for Belcamp Health & Reseach Centre of Excellence

MMP were cost advisers on the construction costs for a masterplan for a mixed use development of approximately 350,000m2 with a Hospital and Educational campus at its core.

The plan encompassed a state-of-the-art Hospital, College and Research & Development campus with support facilities for students, hospital staff, retail, sports, etc.

There was also a major roadway and bridge to be constructed through the development as part of an overall transport strategy for the region.

The development comprised:

  • Hospital 65,000m2
  • College 45,000m2
  • Student Accommodation 44,000m2
  • Residential 25,000m2
  • Retail/Shopping 10,000m2
  • Research & Development 85,000m2
  • Sports/Leisure/Swimming Pool 8,000m3
  • Nursing Home 3,000m3
  • Multi-storey Carpark 25,000m3
  • Basement Carpark 40,000m3