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Comprehensive construction project management from MMP

Ensuring that building projects are carried out as efficiently and competently as possible is more important now than it has been in many years. Department budgets have grown tighter and capital flows have been constricted. Finding a construction project management firm with the experience and expertise to make sure projects are brought in on time and on budget provides the assurance needed to proceed with a large construction project.

Mulcahy, McDonagh and Partners Ltd have successfully completed over 400 projects in the last five years alone, all of which were delivered on budget. The company has worked on development projects for over sixty years, working in that time with government entities, local authorities, leading architects and engineers, financial institutions, developers and more.

MMP has thrived even through the regular business cycle of the building industry with a commitment to quality of service combined with diversification of services provided. This diversification has also provided MMP with a broad knowledge of specific characteristics of all areas of the construction industry. With construction project management experience in a wide range of project types MMP is capable of applying skills and knowledge from different areas in innovative ways.

MMP also recognises the importance of employing technological solutions and the benefits they can bring to construction project management. MMP uses building information modelling software to create a virtual model of the construction project. From this the software can determine a range of different attributes the completed building will have including building geometry, geographic information along with quantities and properties of construction materials used.

Being able to generate a virtual construction project in advance allows project managers to more easily predict obstacles that may arise. It also streamlines the process of determining a project budget which can result in savings to the client.

Combining building information modelling software with expertise and experience allows MMP to provide each client with a unique approach to the management of their project that meets all of their needs and requirements. A clear overview of all points of responsibility, regular reporting along with budgeting and scheduling control work together to fulfil all of a client’s objectives.