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Articles on topics such quantity surveying, dispute management in construction, cost management, fit outs, project monitoring, risk management and health and safety in construction.

Project management for construction is a must

Project management for construction is a very involved and iterative process.

The importance of health and safety in construction

Health and safety in construction is not a matter to be taken lightly. In fact, health and safety needs to be front of mind in every aspect of construction at all times.

Solutions for distressed projects

A distressed project won’t get back on track without serious help from a specialist.

What services can a commercial fitout company provide?

A commercial fitout company is your new best friend when it comes time to relocate to a new office premises.

The expanding roles and greater responsibilities of quantity surveying companies

Particularly in Europe, many countries such as Spain and Ireland have undergone quite severe corrections to their property markets.

Ensure a project’s success with expert risk evaluations

The unforeseen is one of the most difficult aspects of a project to account for but it is likely the most important. Even in the most ideal of economic circumstances an unforeseen event can have potentially catastrophic consequences for a project. In an uncertain … Read more

Expert quantity surveying services from MMP

The current status of the economic environment means that financial concerns weigh heavily on all sectors but none more so than in the construction industry.

Maintain savings across the scope of a project with m & e cost management

Beyond the design and development of the architectural structure of a construction project there is an entire sub structure of mechanical and electrical components that need to be installed and accounted for. Comprehensive m & e cost managment ensures that savings and cost efficiencies … Read more