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Accurate costing of fit outs makes for a safer investment

Fit Out of top floor of city centre office in Stephens Green, Dublin

Many successful businesses are able to trade on their reputation alone and don’t need to worry about looks.

But even the most renowned of businesses can benefit from an overhaul now and then. Smarter offices with brighter workspaces and modern furniture greatly improve staff’s enjoyment of their work and in turn can boost their performance. Fit outs are of course not only about improving the ambiance of the workspace. They are typically important investments in updating technology, providing a more welcoming environment for visiting clients and making more efficient use of office space. As with any investment it is important to be comprehensive in the cost benefit analysis of a fit out.

Determining the cost of a fit out can be difficult. Each space is very different and factors can vary dramatically from one build to the next. Factors such as access to the space and construction standards of the building to be fitted out can have a significant effect on the cost of a project. For this reason the potential cost of a project cannot easily be determined simply by looking similar projects. Determining the cost evaluation in such a way can lead to substantial under-valuations of the cost which can create problems for the company making the investment.

A fit out has many other cost factors outside of the expense of materials and the build. The business will typically need to relocate to different premises for the duration of the project or at least be significantly disrupted by the process. The cost of moving and the loss of profitability caused by the move and other disturbances all need to be considered.

Quantity surveyors are particularly well suited to determining the cost of such projects. Their experience in determining the cost of construction projects and the numerous mitigating factors that affect that cost mean they can provide accurate cost projections for businesses looking to fit out premises with new furniture, equipment and other fittings.

Mulcahy Mc Donagh and Partners have overseen the fitting out of many different businesses. From commercial offices such as banks to retail units in shopping centres and public sector offices, MMP has experience in all types of fit outs and are capable of providing accurate and comprehensive costing services.