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Ensuring success with construction cost management services

Any construction project is complex. The more complex a project becomes the more opportunities arise for the cost of the project to go beyond budget.

Managing mechanical and electrical costs requires effective application of knowledge and expertise

Accurate projections of the cost of construction projects are at the core of successfully completing those projects.

MMP’s Approach to Construction Project Management

Since 1999 MMP have been applying their extensive knowledge of the construction trade to construction project management, providing a comprehensive project management service to clients in a diverse range of sectors.

Project Management in Construction’s role in accommodating future population growth

The world has seen exponential population growth over the last half century. That growth is set to continue for at least another half century with estimates putting the global population at 9 billion by the middle of the century.

Enhancing quantity surveyor services with BIM technology

In estimating the cost of construction projects experience and knowledge are invaluable assets.